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4951 MASIE FAIRBARNES born 1929/2 Mother Spearing Bromley 2A 1027
FAIRBARNES, Maisie (I586)
4952 MATILDA BAILEY born 1845/1 Newmarket XIV 110
MATILDA daughter of Francis a Farmer otp & Catherine BAILEY was baptised 02 Mar 1845 at WOOD DITTON

In the 1861 census
1125/10/13 Private House, Great Thurlow
Bailey Francis H M 54 Farmer 170 acres emp 3 men Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Catherine W M 50 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Sarah D U 24 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey George S U 22 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Susannah D U 20 Great Thurlow
Bailey Matilda D U 16 Great Thurlow
Bailey Frederick S 12 Great Thurlow
Bailey Henry S M 26 Great Thurlow
Bailey Mary A D in L M 28 Great Thurlow

Bailey Francis dies 1863/2 Risbridge 4a 275

In the 1871 census
1712/9/8 Rose & Crown, Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Catherine H W 55 Farms 147 acres emp 6 men Brinkley Cambs
Bailey Matilda D U 25 Woodditton, Cambs
Bailey Walter GrandS 15 Ag Lab Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Elizabeth Grand D 13 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Howard Mary W 89 Brinkley, Cambs
Brown William W 48 Ag Lab Withersfield, Suffolk

BAILEY Matilda married 1881/1 BROWN William Risbridge 4a 531

In the 1881 census
1823/4/1 West End Farm, Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Catherine H W 68 Farms 140 acres emp 5 men Brinkley Cambs
Brown Matilda D M 37 Woodditton, Cambs
Brown William S in L M 60 Ag Lab Withersfield, Suffolk
Bailey Walter GrandS S 24 Ag Lab Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Elijah Bro in L M 58 Ag Lab Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Susannah Sister M 58 Carlton, Cambs
Brown Frances GrandD 0 Great Thurlow, Suffolk

In the 1891 census
1437/60/11 Withersfield Road, Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Catherine H W 80 Farmer Brinkley, Cambs
Brown William S in Law M 65 Farm Servant Wood Ditton, Cambs
Brown Matilda D M 45 Withersfield, Suffolk
Brown Frances C GrandD 10 Great Thurlow, Suffolk

Brown William age 67 died 1891/4 Risbridge 4a 365
William Brown age 67 was buried 05 Oct 1891 at Great Thurlow, All Saints

Brown Matilda married Free Samuel 1899/1  Linton 3b 643
In the 1901 Census
RG13/1535/68/4 Mortis Farm, Walden Road, Hadstock, Essex
Free Samuel H M 83 Farmer Hadstock, Essex
Free Matilda W M 57 Woodditton, Cambridgeshire
Brown Frances C StepD S 20 Gt. Thurlow, Suffolk

In the 1911 Census
RG14/9150/486/182/2/5/72 Hadstock Cambridgeshire
Free Samuel H M 94 Farmer Retired Hadstock, Essex
Free Matilda W M 66 Thurlow, Suffolk
Free Alan F StepS in L M 28 Farmer Hadstock, Essex
Free Frances Catherine StepD M 30 Thurlow, Suffolk

Free Samuel age 98 died 1915/4  Linton 3b 604

FREE Matilda age 73 died 1918/2 Linton 3b 516

BAILEY, Matilda (I377)
4953 Matthew Huffer married Martha Humphreys 2 May 1808 Shrewsbury

Matthew Huffer age 79 was buried 23 Jan 1852 at Condover

HUFFER, Matthew (I9356)
4954 Matthew son of Robert & Sarah Bayar nee Poll Breeze christened 1815 Hockering

In the 1841 census
Lenwade, Great Witchingham
Bries Matthew 25 Harness Mkr Norfolk
Bries Ann 25 Norfolk
Filo Sarah 11 Norfolk
Fisher Maria 75 Norfolk
Comer John 15 Norfolk
Salisbury Frederic 14 Norfolk

Breese Anna born 1841/3 St Faiths 13 [1_]03

Anna Breeze baptism/christening date: 11 Sep 1841 baptism/christening place: Norfolk, England
father's name: Matthew Breeze mother's name: Anna
indexing project (batch) number: I02583-0 system origin: England-EASy source film number: 1526555

BREESE, Anna died 1843/2 St. Faiths,Norfolk 13 82

Philo Fanny marriage 1843/3 Norwich 13 335
Matthew Breeze age 21 married Fanny Philo born 1922 on 23 Sep 1843 at Norwich

Julia Breese baptism/christening date: 05 Jul 1846 baptism/christening place: Norfolk, England
father's name: Matthew Breese mother's name: Frances Philo
indexing project (batch) number: I03328-0 system origin: England-EASy source film number: 1526558

In the 1851 census
1811/50/9 Lenwade, Great Witchingham, St Faiths, Norwich
Brine Matthew H M 36 Harness Maker Horking, Norfolk
Brine Fanny W M 31 Mattishall, Norfolk
Brine Anna D 9 Scholar Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
Brine Fanny D 6 Scholar Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
Brine Julia D 4 Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
plus 2 Servants

In the 1861 census
1208/37/7 Lenvade Street, St Faiths, Norwich
Brees Mathew H M 45 Harness Maker Emp 1 man Hockering, Norfolk
Brees Fanny W M 43 Dressmaker Mattishall, Norfolk
Brees Ann D U 19 Dressmaker Great Witchingham, Norfolk
Brees Fanny D U 16 Dressmaker Great Witchingham, Norfolk
Brees Julia D U 14 Dressmaker Great Witchingham, Norfolk
Thompson Charles visitor 5 London
Artherton Henry U 20 House keeper Norfolk
Andrew James Lodger U 14 Shoe Maker Great Witchingham, Norfolk

In the 1871 census
1805/36/11 The Street, Great Witchingham, St Faith Norwich, Norfolk
Breese Matthew H M 56 Harness Maker Hockering, Norfolk
Breese Fanny W M 53 Dress Maker Mattishall, Norfolk
Breese Anna D U 29 Milliner Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
Breese Fanny D U 26 Dress Maker Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
Breese Julia D U 24 Governess Gt Witchingham, Norfolk
Parfitt James Boarder W 54 Harness Maker Shottesham, Norfolk

BREEZE, Matthew died 1871/4 age 57 St. Faiths 4B 66 
BREEZE, Mathew (I1141)
4955 MAUD E DANIELS born 1919/1 mother Peart Bermondsey Volume 1D Page 151
Daniels Maud E born 1920/4 mother Cade  W. Ham 4a 69

MAUD ELIZABETH BLYTHE born 29 November 1918 died 2006/1 Brentwood District number 4661B Register number B71B Entry number 90
DANIELS, Maud (I8507)
4956 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9736)
4957 MICHAEL V P WATTS born 1932/4 mother Philo ALTON 2C 266

MICHAEL VICTOR P WATTS born 17 October 1932 died 1987/4 GLOUCESTER 22 1920
Register number 1187
County Gloucestershire
Volume 22
Page 1920
WATTS, Michael Victor Philo (I8720)
4958 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1921)
4959 MONICA F P BARKER born 1919/2 mother Philo Hackney 1B 422

MONICA P P BARKER married Stuart H Thompson 1947/4 Rochford 4A 1522

MONICA FRANCES P THOMPSON born 20 May 1919 died 1994/4 Taunton Deane 7241B B62B 012 1294

BARKER, Monica Frances Philo (I519)
4960 Moore Margaret  born 1866/2  Bethnal Green 1c 255 MOORE, Margaret (I8493)
4961 MORRISON  JOHN born 1840/4 mother  ALDERSON WEST DERBY Volume 20 Page 808 MORRISON, John (I5286)
4962 NADINA B NEWELL died age 45 1965/3 BLYTH 4B 752 NEWELL, Nadina B (I1177)
4963 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3268)
4964 Newell Winifred Florence born 1901/1 Tendring 4a 763

WINIFRED FLORENCE GLADWELL born 1 January 1901 died 1981/2 BRENTWOOD 9 1492 
NEWELL, Winifred Florence (I1181)
4965 NEWELL, Hilda May born 1904/1 Tendring,Essex 4A 798

In the 1911 census
10247/540/197/3/1/344 90 Manor Road, Dovercourt, Harwich, Tendring, Essex
Newell Harry H M 36 Shunter G E R Harwich Sudbury, Suffolk
Newell Beatrice W M 31 Dovercourt, Essex
Newell Phyllis D 11 School Dovercourt, Essex
Newell Winifred D 10 School Harwich, Essex
Newell Hilda D 7 Dovercourt, Essex
Newell Eric S 5 Dovercourt, Essex
Newell Kenneth S 1 Dovercourt, Essex

In the 1939 Register
RG101/6631I/021/5 Gate House, Bramfield Road, Mells, Blythe, Suffolk
Newell Harry M 23 Dec 1874 M Railway Crossing Keeper
Newell Beatrice E F 23 Oct 1878 M UDD
Newell Nadina B F 7 Dec 1919 S UDD
Woolnough Sidney R M 18 Aug 1902 M Builders Labourer
Woolnough Hilda M F 8 Jan 1904 M UDD
Woolnough Dawn P F 22 Jun 1937 S Under School Age
Woolnough Keith R M 22 Jun 1937 S Under School Age

HILDA MAY WOOLNOUGH born 8 January 1904 died 1990/1 WAVENEY 10 3367 
NEWELL, Hilda May (I1169)
4966 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6406)
4967 NORA B SULLIVAN born 1920/1 mother Simlich West Ham 4A 92

Mallows Norah B married  Greed Edward E 1960/4 Poplar 5d 519

NORAH BRIDGET GREED born 1 February 1920 died 1998/4 Camden 2501E E50A 250 1098 
SULLIVAN, Norah Bridget (I9535)
4968 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8326)
4969 NORMAN V G EDWARDS born 1910/3 Wilton Volume 5A Page 173

NORMAN VICTOR G EDWARDS born 1 July 1910 died 1984/4 Basingstoke Register number 1184 Volume 20 Page 217
EDWARDS, Norman Victor George (I2444)
4970 Notice in ?? 8 June 1886
The friends of Mr. John W. Harris are respectfully informed that the Remains of his late daughter, and wife of Albert H Mouland will be removed from her fathers residence, College House, Pirie Street, Kent Town, this day (Tuesday) at 2 o'clock, for interment in the Woodville Cemetery
Geo. J Trevelion, Undertaker, Magill Road, Norwood.

Woodville Cemetery also known as Cheltenham Cemetery
HARRIS, Sarah Emma (I3465)
4971 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2268)
4972 ODELL  MARY ANN ELLEN born 1869/4 mother WILLIAMS POPLAR Volume 01C Page 669

In the 1871 census
577/70/6 Roman Road, Bow, Poplar, London
Odell Edward J H M 34 Coal Dealer Mile End, Middx
Odell Mary Ann W M 32 Mile End, Middx
Odell Annie D 8 Bow, Middx
Odell Edward J S 3 Bow, Middx
Odell Ellen D 1 Bow, Middx
Williams Ellen Sis in L U 21 Bethnal Green, Middx
Carriage Emma visitor 10 Bow, Middx
Foulas Dredk Assistant 14 Assistant NK

In the 1881 census
489/79/22 Clifton Cott. Rose Bank Row, Bow, Poplar
Odell Edward H M 44 Corn Dealer Bethnal Green, Middx
Odell Mary W M 42 St George East, Middx
Odell Anne D S 18 Bow, Middx
Odell Willm S S 13 Bow, Middx
Odell Ester S 11 Bow, Middx
Odell George A S 8 Bow, Middx
Odell Elizabeth D 6 Bow, Middx
Odell Alice D 4 Bow, Middx
Cardell Emma Servant S 20 Domestic Servant Bow, Middx

Ellen Mary A Odell married Charles Joseph Paulin 1887/3 Poplar 1C 940

In the 1891 census
315/144/17 57 Libra Road, Bow, Poplar
Paulin James H W 69 Tea Cooper Limehouse, London
Paulin Charles J S M 27 Clerk Mile End, London
Paulin Nelly Sons W M 21 Bow, London
Saunderson Emily D M 39 Monthly Nurse Bedminster, Bristyol
Saunderson Emily GrandD S 14 Bow, London
Paulin Edith GrandD 3 Bow
Paulin Florrie GrandD 1 m Bethnal Green
Odell Herbert Boarder S 18 Porter Old Ford, London

In the 1901 Census
1574/12/16 54 Chesterton Road, West Ham, Essex
Paulin Charles J H M 37 Dock Labourer Whitechapel, London
Paulin Ellen M A W M 32 Old Ford
Paulin Edith M D 12 Old Ford
Paulin Florence D D 10 Old Ford
Paulin Emily O D 7 Tilbury, Essex
Paulin May B D 4 Upton Park, Essex
Paulin Katie E D 3 m Plaistow, Essex 
ODELL, Ellen Mary Ann (I5520)
4973 OLIVER BIGGS born 1852/4 West Ham 4A 15

OLIVER BIGGS age 92 died 1945/1 West Ham 4A 34

BIGGS, Oliver (I747)
4974 Park Howlett married Sarah Francis 09 Oct 1824 at Mattishall Burgh
Park Howlett married Sarah Francis 13 Nov 1825 at Mattishall Burgh, St. Peter. Witnesses Elizabeth HOWLETT & Sarah STRINGER

Park son of Park a Blacksmith & Sarah (nee Francis) HOWLETT was born 01 Jan 1826 and baptised 26 Feb 1826 at Mattishall Burgh. St. Peter
Ann daughter of Parke a Blacksmith & Sarah HOWLETT baptised 20 May 1827 at Mattishall, All Saints
John son of Parke a Blacksmith & Sarah (nee FRANCES) HOWLETT baptised 13 Sep 1830 at Mattishall, All Saints
Elizabeth daughter of Parke a Blacksmith & Sarah (nee FRANCIS) HOWLETT baptised 31 Jul 1831 at Mattishall, All Saints

HOWLETT, Park (I3941)
4975 Patience Jane Perkins daughter of William & Jane Perkins was baptised 13 October 1833 at Brading, Isle of Wight.

HAYDEN David married Perkins Patience Jayne 1853/4   I Wight 2b 834  

HAYDEN Patience J age 82 died 1914/2  I. Wight 2b744

PERKINS, Patience Jane (I5759)
4976 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I520)
4977 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4333)
4978 PAULINE G WILKS born 1922/2 mother Daniels Cheltenham 6A 757
WILKES, Pauline G (I9000)
4979 Peter Bailey of Mattishall Burgh married Mary Francis of Mattishall Burgh on 17 Nov 1818 at Mattishall Burgh

In the 1841 census
HO107/780/9/7/10 Bergh Lane, Mattishall, Norfolk
Bayley Peter 45 Farmer Norfolk
Bayley Mary 45 Norfolk
Bayley John 20 Ag Lab Norfolk
Bayley Mary Ann 15 Norfolk
Bayley Robert 15 Ag Lab Norfolk
Bayley James 15 Ag Lab Norfolk
Bayley Edward 10 Norfolk
Bayley Sarah 8 Norfolk
BAILEY, Peter (I382)
4980 Petty Joan C born 1918/3 Mother Starr Lambeth 1D 559 PETTY, Joan Cecily (I1232)
4981 Philip Mead banns read 21 Nov 1813 at Bratton for marriage to Grace Bray

DAVID MEAD Christening: 16 OCT 1814 Bratton, Wiltshire, England

ANN MEAD Christening: 27 DEC 1815 Bratton, Wiltshire, England

Marriages Sep 1839 (>99%)
MEADE Philip Frome 10 497
WABB Anne Frome 10 497

Philip Mead of Rodden banns read 25 Aug 1839 for marriage to Anne Webb of Rodden

In the 1841 census
HO107/942/21/9/2 Wallbrodge Gate,Rodden,Frome,Somerset
Mead Phillip 40 Wool Cloth Worker Not Somerset
Mead Ann 40 Somerset
Mead Mary 20 Dress Maker Somerset
Mead Phillip 15 Shoe Maker Somerset
Mead Chas 15 Cloth Worker Somerset
Mead Samuel 13 Cloth Worker Somerset
Mead Sarah 11 Somerset
Webb Henry 11 Somerset

In the 1851 census
HO107/1932/531/3 Rodden Factory Cottage
Phillip Mead H M 55 Cloth Factory (Foreman Of) Bratton, Wiltshire, England
Ann Mead W M 55 Frome, Somerset, England
Samuel Mead S U 22 Worker In Cloth Factory Rodden, Somerset, England

MEAD Ann   age 64 died 1858/4 Frome 5c 398

Mead Philip  age 65 died 1860/2  Frome 5c 40_ 
MEAD, Philip (I5091)
4982 Philip son of Philip a Labourer of Bow & Elizabeth Penten born 9 Apr 1831 and baptised 8 May 1831 at St Mary, Stratford le Bow

PENTEN Philip married KEENEN Ann 1854/2  Hackney 1b 411

In the 1891 Census
RG12/314/104/38 Walter Court, Bow (Stratford le Bow) Poplar
Penton Philip H M 60 Plasterer London, Middlesex
Penton Ann W M 55 London, Middlesex
Penton Louisa D S 17 Packer London, Middlesex
Penton Henry S S 15 Waiter London, Middlesex

In the 1901 census
RG13/358/96/17 Poplar Union Workhouse, High Street, Poplar
Penton Philip Inmate M 70 Plasterer Bow, Middlesex

RG13/339/119/14 7 Bakers Alley, Stratford le Bow, Poplar
Cordell George H M 30 Engineers Labourer Dalston, Middlesex
Cordell Louisa W M 26 Bromley, Middlesex
Cordell Margaret D 7 Scholar Bow, Middlesex
Cordell Grace D 4 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex
Cordell Emily E D 1 Bromley, Middlesex
Penton Ann M in Law M 65 Bow, Middlesex

Penton Ann age 68 died 1905/1 Poplar 1c 307

PENTON Philip age 66 died 1905/3 Poplar 1c 333
PENTON, Philip (I5743)
4983 Philip the son of William Dack & Elizabeth his wife was baptised on 21 August 1774 at Mattishall & East Dereham Independent

Philip the son of Thomas & Frances Dack was Baptised 11 Feb 1776 at Mattishall & East Dereham Independent
DACK, Philip (I2129)
4984 PHILLIS AILEEN B KNELL born 1903/2 Tendring 4A 709

PHYLLIS A B KNELL married William M Roberts 1924/4 Ipswich 4A 2421

In the 1939 Register
RG101/6607B/004/16 21 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich
Knell Ada F W F 14 Sep 1878 W UDD
Knell William O R M 9 Aug 1917 S Clerk Time & Wages Engineering Work
Knell Sylvia J F 28 Oct 1920 S Tailoring Pressers Assistant
Roberts Phyllis A F 24 Feb 1903 M UDD

PHYLLIS A B ROBERTS married Albert J Smith 1963/3 Ipswich 4B 2561
PHYLLIS AILEEN B SMITH born 24 February 1903 died 1984/4 Colchester 9 1971

KNELL, Phyllis Aileen Barham (I985)
4985 Philo Charles George born 1905/1 St. Giles 1b 584
Philo Charles George death 1905/1 0 Strand 1b 371
Phils Charles George buried 29 January 1905 St. Pancras Cemetery, Easy Finchley, Middlesex 
PHILO, Charles George (I9321)
4986 Philo Marjorie born 1893/2 Hampstead 1a 662
Philo Marjorie death 1893/2 0 b 1893 Hampstead 1a 466
Phils Marjorie buried 23 June 1893 Hampstead Cemetery, West Hampstead, Middlesex

Marjorie Philo of 25 Cotleigh Road, Hampstead age 5 weeks was buried on 23 June 1893 at the burial ground of St. John, Hampstead. (I have a copy of the register) 
PHILO, Marjorie (I811)
4987 PHYLLIS L ANSCOMBE died 1941/1 age 40 IPSWICH 4A 2613 NEWELL, Phylis Lydia (I1179)
4988 Pountney Martha born 1866/4   Bethnal Green 1c 230

RUSSELL, Martha married HOLMES, Robert 1911/2 Bethnal Green,London 1C 281

HOLMES, Martha died 1949/1 age 82 Stepney,London 5D 704 
POULTNEY, Martha (I6725)
4989 POWELL  JOSEPH WILLIAM born 1843/4 mother REYNOLDS MARYLEBONE Volume 01 Page 149

In the 1861 census
71/25/46 17 Little Marylebone Street, St Marylebone
Powell Joseph H M 45 Poulterer Wandsworth, Surrey
Powell Annie W M 25 Middx, London
Powell Joseph S 17 Poulterer St Marylebone, Middx
Powell Thomas S 15 Messenger St Marylebone, Middx
Powell Sarah D 10 St Marylebone, Middx
Powell John S 13 Photographers Assist St Marylebone, Middx
Powell Arthur S 5 St Marylebone, Middx
Powell Francis S 3 St Marylebone, Middx
Powell George S 7m St Marylebone, Middx

Earl Mary Y*sh* married 1867/3 Pancras 1b 63 Powell Joseph William

POWELL Annie Elizabeth born 1869/1 Pancras 1b 35

In the 1871 census
208/54/42 1 Stephen Street, St Pancras
Powell Joseph W H M 26 Poulterer Foreman Marylebone, Middx
Powell Mary V W M 23 Reading, Berks
Powell Annie E D 2 Pancras Middx
Powell Joseph W S 1 Pancras Middx

In the 1881 census
184/33/6 10 Tudor Place, St Pancras
Powell Joseph H M 41 Poulterer Marylebone, Middx
Powell Vastito W M 32 Laundress Pancras, Middx
Powell Joseph S 11 Pancras Middx

842/159/64 Railway Road, London
Earle Jabes H M 55 Carpenter Malboro, Wilts
Earle Mary W M 58 Reading, Berks
Powell Annie GrandD 12 Scholar St Pancras, Middx
Blake Henry J Boarder W 29 Bricklayer North Waltham, Hants
Blake George J Boarder 2 Teddington, Middx

POWELL, Mary Vashti died 1887/3 age 39 Marylebone,London 1A 356 
POWELL, Joseph William (I6737)
4990 PRISMALL  SAMUEL  born 1864/4 mother  NALDER ANDOVER Volume 02C Page 190
Samuel son of William & Rachael Prismall baptised 04 Jun 1865 at Vernham's Dean

In the 1871 census
1244/77/1 Berry Deane, Vernhams Dean, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants
Prismall William H M 46 Farm Bailiff Kingsclere, Hants
Prismall Rachel W M 37 East Garston, Wilts
Prismall Thomas S 15 Ag Lab Vernham, Hants
Prismall John S 11 Ag Lab Vernham, Hants
Prismall Martha D 8 Vernham, Hants
Prismall Samuel S 6 Vernham, Hants
Prismall David S 4 Vernham, Hants

In the 1881 census
1264/30/5 Berry Dean, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants
Prismall William H M 54 Bailiff (Farm) Kingsclere, Hants
Prismall Rachel W M 45 East Garston, Berks
Prismall Samuel S 16 Ag Labourer Berry Dean Vernham, Hants
Prismall David S 14 Ag Labourer Berry Dean Vernham, Hants
Prismall Ellen D 8 Scholar Berry Dean Vernham, Hants
Prismall Ernest E S 4 Berry Dean Vernham, Hants

PRISMAN Samuel married 1890/3 Guy Annie I. Wight 2b 1007

In the 1891 census
891/110/13 55 Church Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight
Prismall Samuel H M 26 Gardener Vernham, Berks
Prismall Annie W M 25 Arreton, Isle of Wight

SAMUEL PRISMALL age 71 died 1936/2 Isle of Wight Volume 2B Page 867

In the 1939 Register
RG101/2649J/011/5 EPEB 41 Upton Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight
122/1 Prismall Annie F 17 Apr 1865 W UDD
122/2 Prismall Lionel J H M 27 Sep 1903 S Grocery & Provision Branch Manager

ANNIE PRISMALL age 75 died 1941/2 Isle of Wight Volume 2B Page 1537 
PRISMALL, Samuel (I6866)
4991 PURKISS  ELLEN MARGARET born 1893/3 mother  PETTIFER POPLAR Volume 01C Page 636 PURKISS, Ellen Margaret (I6911)
4992 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7402)
4993 REBECCA daughter of John & Honor WINDYBANK baptised 26 Jun 1774 at All Saints HINTON AMPNER, Hampshire

Rebecca Windybank married George Ayling 3 Oct 1797 at All Saints, Hinton Ampner

WINDYBANK, Rebecca (I9086)
4994 REGINALD J JARVIS mother Watkins born 1914/2 West Ham 4A 470
JARVIS, Reginald J (I9537)
4995 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3690)
4996 REGINALD JAMES BANCROFT born 1909/4 Chesterfield 7B 811


REGINALD J BANCROFT married Rose A Hilldrup 1936/3 Essex South Western 4A 872
Did he remarry?
REGINALD J BANCROFT married Violet C Walker 1960/1 Epping 5A 150

REGINALD JAMES BANCROFT born 6 September 1909 died 1985/1 Hillingdon Register number 285 Volume 13 Page 1281

BANCROFT, Reginald James (I458)
4997 REYNOLDS  CHARLES DACK  born 1893/3 FOREHOE Volume 04B Page 191 DACK, Charles (I2106)
4998 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5)
4999 Richard Mayes married Charlotte Reynolds 1827 Ravensden

RICHARD MAYES married Sarah Mayes 1838/3 Bedford 6 41

RICHARD MAYES age 77 died 1871/4 Bedford 3B 227
SARAH MAYES age 71 died 1875/4 Bedford 3B 215

MAYES, Richard (I1887)
5000 Robert Norton age 81 buried 15 Aug 1884 Mattishall Burgh NORTON, Robert (I5479)

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