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Ann Sticking Christening: 07 APR 1833 Queenborough, Kent, England
Father: John Sticking Mother: Margaret

In the 1841 census
474/15/35/17 Halfway Houses, Minster, Sheppey, Kent
Stickens John 35 Ag Lab Kent
Stickens Margaret 30 Kent
Stickens Ann 8 Kent

In the 1861 census
530/95/32 14 Albion Place, Minster, Sheerness
Stickings John H M 54 Labourer in Dock Yard Minster, Kent
Stickings Margaret w M 48 Egerton, Kent
Stickings Herbert S 14 Turner Apprentice Chatham, Kent

Stickings John died age 55 1869/3 Sheppey 2a 459

In the 1871 census
986/125/39 42 Chapel Street, Minster in Sheppey, Sheerness
Blandford Josiah H M 37 Messenger Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Ann W M 38 Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Martha A D 14 Scholar Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Edward C S 12 Oakum Boy Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Herbert J G S 6 Scholar Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Josiah R S 4 Scholar Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Henry J S 2 Sheerness, Kent
Blandford Ann H W D 3w Sheerness, Kent
Stickings Margaret M in L W 60 Nurse Egerton, Kent

In the 1881 census
978/43/35 Sheppey Union Workhouse, Minster in Sheppey
STICKINGS Margaret Pauper W 61 Nurse Egerton, Kent

Stickings Margaret died age 78 1893/2 Sheppey 2a 511 
STICKINGS, John (I1625)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I994)

Brackenborough Albert Perry birth 1841/4 Bethnal Gn 2 10

In the 1861 census
260/24/12 3 Dundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Thomas H M 57 Dock Labourer Bishopsgate
Brackenborough Mary A W M 52 Spitalfields
Brackenborough Albert Perry S U 19 Porter Bethnal Green
Brackenborough George Perry S U 17 Packing Case Maker Bethnal Green
Laing Alfred H S in Law U 17 Shopman Whitechapel

Brackenborough Albert Perry marriage 1867/3 Bethnal Gn 1c 656

In the 1871 census
488/55/23 78 James Street, Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Albert H M 29 Labourer in Work Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Jane W M 24 Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Jane D 1 Bethnal Green

In the 1881 census
414/102/59 84 Temple St, Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Albert H M 39 Brewers Servant Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Jane W M 34 Tailoress Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Jane D 11 Scholar Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Matilda D 8 Scholar Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Albert S 3 Scholar Bethnal Green
Brackenborough Agnes D 1 Bethnal Green

In the 1891 census
260/76/57 34 Minerva Street, Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Albert H M 49 Brewers Labourer Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Jane W M 44 Tailoress Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Matilda D 18 Tailoress Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Albert S 14 Errand Boy Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Florence D 8 Scholar Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Henry S 5 Scholar Bethnal Green
Brackewborough Lillian D 2 Scholar Bethnal Green

Brackenborough Albert Perry death 57 b 1841 1898/4 Bethnal Gn 1c 149

In the 1901 census
280/106/25 10 Craven Bdg, Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Jane H W 54 Tailoress Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Florence D S 18 Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Henry S S 15 Errand Boy Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Lilian M D S 12 Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Fredrick S S 9 Bethnal Green
Brockenbrough Thomas S S 7 Bethnal Green

BRACKENBOROUGH, Jane died 1919/2 age 73 Hackney,London 1B 468 
BRACKENBOROUGH, Albert Perry (I1019)

Bugden Thomas C born 1894/1 Farnham 2a 106a

In the 1901 census
630/144/26 Whitewood, Horne, Godstone, Surrey
Bugden Thomas H M 34 Police Constable Hampshire
Bugden Emily W M 34 Upp Halliford, Middx
Bugden Thos Chas S 7 York Town, Surrey
Bugden Fredk Geo S 5 York Town, Surrey
Bugden Harry Robt S 3 York Town, Surrey

In the 1911 census
3268/123/38/1/25/35 Warwicks Wold, Near Merstham, Bletchingley, Godstone, Surrey
Bugden Thomas H M 44 Police Constable Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire
Bugden Emily W M 45 Sunbury, Middx
Bugden Thomas Charles S 17 Gardener Domestic Frimley, Surrey
Bugden Frederick George S 5 Gardener Domestic Frimley, Surrey
Bugden Harry Robert S 3 School Frimley, Surrey 
BUGDEN, Thomas Charles (I260)

BURROUGH William John born 1886/2 St Olave 1d 287

Born at 244 Rotherhithe Street, St Olave Southwark 28 Feb 1886 (Colin Burrough 12/5/2012)

1. WILLIAM JOHN BURROUGH was born February 28, 1886 in 244 Rotherhithe Street, St Olave Southwark, Rotherhithe, East London, and died July 6, 1974 in Greenwich, London. He married EMILY ELIZA PHILO Unknown in ?. She was born January 24, 1888 in 51 Giraud Street, Poplar, East London, and died September 4, 1962 in Stevenage, Herts.

Fact 1: Could not read or write
Fact 2: Worked as a Barge-mover in a barge repair/lighterage yard in East London
Fact 3: Death Certificate says he was a retired Bosun
Family Home: 1886, 244 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe
Occupation: 1914, General Labourer

In the 1891 census
381/11/15 244 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe
Burrough Frank H M 38 Sawyer Salisbury, Wilts
Burrough Alice W M 33 Bermondsey
Burrough Henry James S 11 Scholar Deptford, Kent
Burrough William John S 5 Rotherhithe
Burrough Hannah D 2 Rotherhithe

In the 1901 census
397/110/3 244 Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe
Borrough Frank H M 49 Barge Builder Salisbury, Wilts
Borrough Alice W M 44 Bermondsey
Borrough Harry S S 21 Barge Builder Deptford, Kent
Borrough William S 15 Barge Builder Rotherhithe
Borrough Hanna D 12 Rotherhithe
Borrough Frank S 6 Rotherhithe

BURROUGH, William John died 1974/3 (born 25 February 1886) Dartford, Kent 16 0632 
BURROUGH, William John (I1330)

Coleman Allen C married Templeman Zeddie 1941/2 Camberwell 1d 1587

ZEDDIE COLEMAN born 6 February 1908 died 1969/3 WANDSWORTH, 5E, 1041

ALLEN C COLEMAN age 61 died 1961/4 CAMBERWELL, 5C, 269 
TEMPLEMAN, Zeddie (I8216)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I809)

Heath Zoraida born 1869/3 St. Giles 1b 515

In the 1871 census
347/71/78 Parker Street, St Giles in the Fields, Middx
Heath Edward H M 47 Pipe maker Burton on Trent, Staffs
Heath Caroline W M 38 London
Heath David S 7 Scholar Middx
Heath Robert S 5 Scholar Middx
Heath Edward S 4 Scholar Middx
Heath Zeridah D 2 Middx
Heath Baby D 2w Middx
Sullivan Elizabeth Lodger 50 Ireland

Heath Caroline died 1879/1 age 49 Strand 1b 483

In the 1881 census
324/101/22 19, Parker St, St Giles In The Fields And St George Bloomsbury, Middx
Heath Edward H W 54 Pipe Maker, Tobacco Burton on Trent
Heath Robt S U 17 Tailor St Giles, Middx
Heath Edwd S U 16 Pipe Maker, Tobacco St Giles, Middx
Heath Zarada D U 12 Scholar St Giles, Middx
Doyle Mary visitor 11 Scholar Vere St Clare Mkt, Middx

Heath Zaradah married Templeman William George 1892/4 Strand 1b1109

Templeman William Robert born 1893/3 Strand 1b 634
Templeman Sophia Matilda born 1894/4 Strand 1b 644
Templeman David George born 1899/2 Strand 1b 658
Templeman Florence AgBirths Sep 1901 (>99%)
TEMPLEMAN Charles Frank born 1901/3 Strand 1b 645
TEMPLEMAN Ivy Charlotte born 1903/4 Strand 1b 598
Templeman Ernest George born 1905/4 Southwark 1d 61
Templeman Zeddie born 1908/1 Lambeth 1d 300
TEMPLEMAN Maud born 1910/3 Southwark 1d 2

In the 1911 census
RG14/1758/78/61/23/1/9/286 16 Bennett Street S E, Christchurch, Southwark,London
Templeman William H M 45 Scene Shifter Westminster,London
Templeman Zarada W M 41 Westminster
Templeman William S S 17 Shop Porter Westminster
Templeman Sophia D S 16 Domestic Service London
Templeman Florance D S 14 Ticket Writer London
Templeman Charles S S 9 Scholar London
Templeman Ivy D S 7 London
Templeman Earnest S 5 Southwark
Templeman Geddie D 3 Lambeth
Templeman Maude D 0 Southwark

Templeman William G died 1935/2 age 69 Camberwell 1d 629
TEMPLEMAN Zarada died Jun 1951 age 82 Surrey Mid. E. 5g 140 
HEATH, Zarada (I3527)

In the 1841 census
701/3/34/20 Edward Street, St Anne Limehouse, Tower Hamlets
Ladbrook William 25 Lab
Ladbrook Jemima 25
Ladbrook William 3 Middx
Ladbrook Martha 1 Middx
Smith Samuel 22 Road Maker

In the 1851 census
1554/83/33 12 Catherine Street, St Anne Limehouse, Stepney, Tower Hamlets
Ludbrook William H M 35 Labour in Colour Works Colchester, Essex
Ludbrook Jemima W M 39 Worcestershire
Ludbrook Martha D 13 Scholar Poplar, Middx
Ludbrook William S 12 Poplar, Middx
Ludbrook Frederick S 7 Limehouse, Middx
Ludbrook Ann E D 5 Limehouse, Middx
Ludbrook Joseph S 1 Limehouse, Middx

In the 1861 census
286/79/34 6 Catherine Street, Limehouse
Ladbrook William H M 45 Dock Labourer Colchester, Essex
Ladbrook Jemima W M 49 Laundress Broadway, Worcester
Ladbrook Robert J S 9 Scholar Limehouse, Middx
Ladbrook Ann E D 15 Scholar Limehouse, Middx

LUDBROOK Jemima died 1866/3 age57 Stepney 1c 622
LUDBROOK William married 1867/2 JACOTT Jane Hannah Mile End 1c 1069
England Marriages, 1538?1973
William Ludbrook bride's name: Jane Hannah Lacott marriage date: 07 Apr 1867 marriage place: St. Thomas, Stepney, Middlesex, England
groom's father's name: Joshua Ludbrook bride's father's name: William Whitlock

In the 1871 census
551/96/32 Whitehall Place, Limehouse
Ladbrook William H M 50 Slave Sorter Colchester, Essex
Ladbrook Jane H W M 44 Surrey

Ludbrook William died 1873/1 age 56 Poplar 1c 439 
LUDBROOK, William (I4849)

In the 1851 census
1469/367/48 31 Hereford Square, Brompton Hamlet, Kensington
Barton Edward H W 42 Commercial Clerk Rougham, Norfolk
Barton Caroline Sister U 32 Farmers Daughter Rougham, Norfolk
Aberdeen Esther Visitor W 68 Annuitant Ireland
Barton William visitor M 73 Retired Farmer Rougham, Norfolk
Barton Mary A visitor U 38 Farmers Daughter Rougham, Norfolk
Lilley Mariam Servant U 18 Housemaid Hardwick, Northants 
BARTON, Caroline (I591)

In the 1861 census
1070/64/4 3 High Street, Barking, Essex
Pilkington Henry H M 45 General Labourer Barking, Essex
Pilkington Sophia W M 44 Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington Fanny D U 21 Dressmaker Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington Alice D U 13 Scholar Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington Nancy D 11 Scholar Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington Sophia D 5 Scholar Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington William Visitor M 23 General Labourer Great Ilford, Essex
Pilkington Martha Visitor M 20 Barking, Essex

PILKINGTON, Henry died 1863/4 Romford,Essex 4A 69

In the 1871 census
767/12/24 64 Limes Grove, Lewisham, Kent
West William H M 30 Police Constable Soham, Cambs
West Susan W M 28 Bethnal Green, Middx
West Elizabeth Mary D 2 St Martins, Middx
West William John S 0 Lewisham, Kent
West Edward Solomon nephew 11 Scholar St Martins, Middx
Pilkington Sophia visitor W 54 Needlewoman Ilford, Essex

In the 1891 census
321/5/3 17 Reeves Road, Bromley
Stanton Edward H M 47 Gas Fitter St Pancras, Middx
Stanton Sophia W M 33 Ilford, Essex
Stanton Mabel D 5 Scholar Bromley, Middx
Stanton Ethel D 3 Bromley, Middx
Stanton Edward S 5m Bromley, Middx
Pilkington Sophia M in Law W 74 Living on own means Ilford Essex 
PILKINGTON, Henry (I6623)

In the 1861 census
1295/86/30 Waterloo Buildings, Waterloo Place, Trowbridge
Marshman John H M 29 Wool Power Loom Weaver Trowbridge, Wilts
Marshman Eliza W M 29 Wool Power Loom Weaver Westbury, Wilts
Marshman Frank S 5 Trowbridge, Wilts
Marshman Louisa D 2 Trowbridge, Wilts
Marshman Fred S 3m Trowbridge, Wilts

Marshman Louisa dies 1861/2 Melksham 5a 72
MARSHMAN Elizabeth dies 1865/1 Bradford Av 5a 107

Edwards Sarah married 1871/1 Marshman John Melksham 5a 164 
MARSHMAN, John (I4977)

In the 1881 census
1823/7/7 Cottage, Great Thurlow, Wickhambrook, Risbridge
Webb Arthur H M 27 Bricklayer Clare, Suffolk
Webb Jane W M 25 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Webb Bessie E D 5 Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Webb Harry S 2 Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Webb Kate D 0 Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Mary M in Law W 53 Monthly Nurse (SMS) Little Thurlow, Suffolk
Bailey Laura S in Law S 15 Servant out of Place Little Thurlow, Suffolk 
TILBROOK, Jane (I8286)

In the 1891 census
1603/12/18 Hilperton, Hilperton
White Simeon H M 70 Nil Hilperton
White Miriam W M 60 Laundress Hilperton
White Mary D 23 Hilperton
White Rose D 16 Cloth Factory Hand Hilperton
White Annie GrandD 6 Scholar Rhymney, Monmouthshire
White John S M 35 Coal Miner Hilperton 
WHITE, Anne (I8847)

Kershaw Francis married 1873/4 Lansdown Mary OR DRISCOLL Mary Ann Holborn 1b 999

In the 1881 census
1386/46/19 4 Wellesley Road, Tottenham, Edmonton, Middx
Kershaw Francis H M 27 Butcher Manchester,Lancs
Kershaw Mary W M 25 Clerkenwell, Middx
Kershaw Emma D 6 Wood Green, Middx
Kershaw Richard S 2 Wood Green, Middx
Kershaw Florence M D 0 Wood Green, Middx

In the 1891 census
1077/109/61 4 Doxecote Cottages, New Road, Tottenham, Edmonton, Middx
Kirshaw Francis H M 37 Salesman Hulme, Manchester,Lancs
Kirshaw Mary W M 35 Clerkenwell, Middx
Kirshaw Emma D 16 Wood Green, Middx
Kirshaw Maud E D 8 Wood Green, Middx
Kirshaw Elizabeth D 5 Wood Green, Middx

In the 1901 census
1257/107/2 4 New Road, Wood Green, Tottenham, Edmonton, Middx
Kirshaw Francis H M 47 Salesman Butcher Manchester
Kirshaw Mary W M 45 London
Kirshaw Richard S S 22 Carpenter Wood Green, Middx
Kirshaw Maud D 18 Dressmaker Wood Green, Middx
Kirshaw Elizabeth D 15 Wood Green, Middx

In the 1911 census
7271/354/132/2/26/20 11 Mayes Road, Wood Green, Edmonton, Middx
Kershaw Francis H M 57 Rent Collectorr Manchester,Lancs
Kershaw Mary W M 55 Clerkenwell, London
Kershaw Richard S S 32 Builders Carpenter Wood Green, Middx
Kershaw Maud Ethel D S 28 Dressmaker Wood Green, Middx
Kershaw Elizabeth D S 25 Packer & Sorter Laundry Wood Green, Middx

KERSHAW, Francis died 1928/1 age 74 Edmonton,Middlesex 3A 623
KERSHAW, Mary died 1934/3 age 78 Edmonton,Middlesex 3A 669 
KERSHAW, Francis (I4574)

Lake Keith D married Bright Barbara A 1957/3 Wood Green, MDX 5F 1436
Lake Simon G born 1959/2 mother Bright Wood Green, MDX 5F 659
Lake Philip K born 1962/1 mother Bright Wood Green, MDX 5F 803

LAKE, Keith David died January 1994 born 27 July 1936 Bristol,Gloucestershire 3011C C16C 027 194 
LAKE, Keith David (I4658)

Maberly Charles James marries 1900/4 Hibbert Helen Newbury 2c 569

MABERLEY, Ellen died 1925/1 age 45 Reading, Berkshire 2C 497
MABERLY, Charles J died 1935/4 age 69 Exeter,Devon 5B 93 
MABERLY, Charles James (I4870)

Marchant John Sheriff married 1892/3 Luckman Emma Camberwell 1d 1483

MARCHANT Leah Rose born 1888/3 Islington 1b 195
Marchant Emma Lily M born 1890/4 Islington 1b 325

In the 1891 census
165/49/3 8 Charles Street, Islington
Marchant John H M 26 Head Barman St Luke, London
Marchant Emma W M 28 Henely Harding, Warwicks
Marchant Leah R D 3 Highgate, London
Marchant Emma M S D 5m Highgate

Marchant John Sherriff died 1897/3 age 34 Islington 1b 244

In the 1901 census
180/35/25 26 Denmark Road, Barnsbury, Islington
Marchant Emma H W 36 Charwoman Leamington, Warwicks
Marchant Rose D 12 Islington, London
Marchant Emma D 10 Islington, London

In the 1911 census
874/31/10/5/3/151 76 Thornhill Road, Barnsbury, Islington
Marchant Emma H W 45 Birmingham, Warwicks
Marchant Rose D S 22 Chemist & Druggist Wholesale Packer Islington, London
Marchant Emma D S 20 Chemist & Druggist Wholesale Packer Islington, London
Marchant John S S 18 Under Waiter Peckham, London 
MARCHANT, John Sherriff (I4947)

Miles Lucy S married Ellis Albert C 1928/3 Willesden 3a 961

Registration District: Help Claro
County: Yorkshire
Year of Registration: 1949
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Age at death: 48
Volume No: 2C
Page No: 98 
MILES, Lucy Sarah (I349)

Pilbeam Alice born 1855/3 Wandsworth 1d 388 
PILBEAM, Alice (I6619)

PURKISS William born 1864/1 Stepney 1c 524
Purkiss Emma Margaret born 1870/2 Stepney 1c 477
Purkiss John Thomas A born 1874/1 Stepney 1c 489
Purkiss Kate Elizabeth born 1877/2 Stepney 1c 460

In the 1881 census
499/103/59 23 Broomfield Street, Bromley, Poplar, Middx
Purkiss Margaret W M 37 Match Maker Bromley, Middx
Purkiss William S S 17 Match Maker Limehouse, Middx
Purkiss John H M 42 Dock Lab Limehouse, Middx
Purkiss Mary A D 13 Limehouse, Middx
Purkiss Emma D 11 Scholar Limehouse, Middx
Purkiss John T S 7 Scholar Limehouse, Middx
Purkiss Kate E D 3 Limehouse, Middx
Allen Johanna M in Law W 75 Ireland 
PURKISS, John (I6916)

Sheekey William married Templeman Sophia M 1918/1 Southwark 1d 68

SOPHIA MATILDA SHEEKEY born 12 september 1894 died 1980/2 CHELMSFORD 9 1725

WILLIAM SHEEKEY age 50 died 1945/4 CHELMSFORD 4A 682 
TEMPLEMAN, Sophia Matilda (I8211)

Taylor Frederick G married Templeman Ivy C 1930/2 Lambeth 1d 531

IVY CHARLOTTE TAYLOR born 8 November 1903 died 1979/3 CAMBERWELL 11 1227 
TEMPLEMAN, Ivy Charlotte (I1596)

Templeman Charles F married Tooby Alice I J 1923/4 Southwark 1d78

CHARLES FRANK TEMPLEMAN born 30 May 1901 died 1972/4 SOUTHWARK, 5E, 138

ALICE ISABELLA J TEMPLEMAN born 14 May 1898 died 1981/2 PORTSMOUTH, 20, 0645 
TEMPLEMAN, Charles Frank (I8203)

Tester John married 1864/2 Luscombe Mary Jane Newton A 5b 301

In the 1871 census
3747/88/26 1 Austin Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire
Tester John H M 29 Dealer in Sewing Machines Brighton, Sussex
Tester Mary Jane W M 31 Kingsbridge, Devon
Tester Louisa A D 6 Chelsea, London
Tester Elizabeth A D 3 Hanley, Staffs
Tester John F S 1 Birkenhead, Cheshire

In the 1881 census
3084/24/39 Hendon Road, Yardley, Solihull, Warwicks
Tester John H M 39 Sewing Machine Maker (E&M) Brighton, Sussex
Tester Mary J W M 41 Kingsbridge, Devon
Tester Louisa A D 16 Scholar Chelsea, London
Tester Elizth A D 13 Scholar Shelton, Worcs
Tester John F S 11 Scholar Birkenhead, Cheshire
Hardwick Eleanor visitor S 20 Crick, Worcs

In the 1901 census
56/80/17 83 St Dunstans Road, Fulham, London
Tester John H M 59 Commercial Traveller) Brighton, Sussex
Tester Mary J W M 62 Kingsbridge, Devon
Tester Elizabeth A D S 33 Shelton, Staffs
Haslam Arthur P S in Law W 35 Electrical Engineer Coreley, Staffs
Haslam Sarah visitor W 71 Camberwell, London
Tester John F S M 31 Electrical Engineer Birkenhead, Cheshire
Tester Margaret D in Law M 30 Kensington, London
Tester Frederick L GrandS 1 Easr Dereham, Norfolk

TESTER, Mary Jane died 1910/1 age 72 Fulham,London 1A 183

In the 1911 census
267/9/3/3/1/133 72 Cloncurry Street, Fulham, London
Haslam Arthur Pirrie H W 45 Merchant Coseley, Staffs
Haslam Sarah Mother W 81 Camberwell, London
Tester John Father in LW 69 Retired Commercial Traveller Brighton, Sussex
Tester Elizabeth Alice Sister in LS 43 Shelton, Staffs
Finch Cyril Herbert Cousin S 20 Optometerist Optical Measurer Manchester, Lancs

TESTER, John died 1916/4 age 75 Fulham,London 1A 397 
TESTER, John (I8223)

Underdown Eli married 1887/3 ROOTS Caroline W.Ashford 2a 1177 
ROOTS, Caroline (I7158)

William Robert Templeman age 26 married Ellen Elizabeth Kennedy age 29 on 23 May 1920 at Southwark, Surrey, England
Southwark 1d 88

WILLIAM R TEMPLEMAN died 1952/4 age 59 BERMONDSEY, 5C 175

TEMPLEMAN, William Robert (I8215)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5962)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6523)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5948)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5835)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5966)

1356 Philo Lisa Marie born 1966/1 Brent 5a 412 d Frank L #1339 & Maureen E R Merson #1353

Electoral Roll
Philo Lisa M 45-49 2013 17 Newfield Rise,Cricklewood,London

1356 Philo Lisa Marie died 2014/9 Born 12/10/1965 Brent 2211A 510773974 
PHILO, Lisa Marie (I6323)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5972)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6356)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6535)

1768 Philo Bertha Evaline born 1894/2 Tendring 4a 550 d.Arthur Essen #319 & Emily FENN #322 6 Apr

In the 1901 census
1698/59/7 24 Gwynne Road, Dovercourt
Philo Arthur H M 53 Brass & Block Maker Journeyman Harwich
Philo Emily D S 21 Dovercourt
Philo Thomas S S 18 Shipwrights Apprentice Dovercourt
Philo William S S 16 Coach Porter Harwich
Philo Frederick S 15 Grocers Porter Harwich
Philo Walter S 13 Harwich
Philo Arthur S 11 Harwich
Philo Bertha D 6 Harwich
Philo Mandie D 5 Harwich
Ager Walter Boarder 15 Bakers Apprentice Ipswich

In the 1911 census
RG14/9224/494/184/3/1/1 The Lamb Hotel,Lynn Road, Ely, Cambs
Airey Sydney H M 41 Hotel Keeper Lewisham, Kent
Airey Helen W M 35 Chislehurst, Kent
plus 7 servants & 4 visitors including
Philo Bertha Evelyn Servant S 19 Kitchen Maid Harwich, Essex

William Frederick Brett Philo was born to Bertha Evelyn Philo a Domestic Servant of Cemetery Road, Great Clacton, Essex on 15 June 1914. No father is mentioned. (I have a copy of the certificate)

1768 Philo Bertha Evaline marriage 1921/3 Tendring 4a 1905 William John KING #1770

In the 1939 Register
RG101/1567A/005/21 Queen Street, 9 Gardner Row, Braintree, Essex
King William J M 17 Mar 1892 M Brick Layer
King Bertha E F 8 Apr 1894 M UDD
King Eric W M 3 Nov 1922 S Junior Clerk to Seed Grower

KING, William J died 1963/4 age 71 Braintree, Essex 4A 364
KING, Bertha Evelyn died 1973/3 born 6 April 1894 Braintree,Essex 4A 949
Bertha Evelyn King born 6 April 1894 at Woodbridge Suffolk, the Widow of William John King a Bricklayer of 25 East Street,Coggeshall died on 18 August 1973 at 3 Kings Acre, Coggeshall of Congestive Cardiac Failure, and recurring Myocardiac infarction. The informant was Eric W King her son of 3 Kings Acre, Coggeshall. (I have a copy of the certificate)

Janice King (GR) 27/5/2006
Grand daughter of Bertha Philo 
PHILO, Bertha Evaline (I1266)

1871 Philo Maud Ellen born 1888/2 Pancras 1b 79 d.Frederick W #619 & Minnie BALDWIN #625

Maud Ellen Philo born 25 Mar 1888 to Frederick Wools & Minnie Philo a fishmonger of 27 Marsham Street was baptised on 4 August 1890 at St John the Evangelist,Westminster. (I have a copy of the register entry)

In the 1891 census
78 /117/47 58 Horseferry Road, Westminster
Philo Frederick Wools H M 27 Fishmongers Assist Westminster
Philo Minnie W M 29 Berks
Philo Fred James S 7 Scholar Marylebone
Philo Mabel Mary D 5 Scholar Marylebone
Philo Maud Ellen D 3 Camden Town

625 Philo Minnie death 1892/1 29 b 1863 Marylebone 1a 590 w of Frederick Woolls Philo #619 nee BALDWIN 14 Jan

619 Philo Frederick Woolls marriage 1900/1 St. Geo. Han. Sq 1a 609 Elizabeth A LIDGEY (k/aAnnie) #627
1777 Philo Violet Emily born 1901/1 Redruth 5c 165 d.Frederick W #619 & Annie LIDGEY #627

In the 1901 census
238/69/2 256 High Holborn
Philo Frederick W H M 36 Fishmongers Assistant Marylebone
Philo Annie W M 30 Redruth, Cornwall
Philo Violet E D 3 m Cornwall

103/80/19 10 Bolsover St Fishmongers, St Marylebone
Phils Frederic H M 61 Fish Monger Southwark London
Phils Mary L W M 61 Margate
Phils Isabel L D S 17 Fishmonger Assistant Marylebone
Phils Maud E Grand D 13 Somers Town London
Phils Lucy A D S 28 Marylebone

In the 1911 census
2174/74/26/1/31/311 1 Gambett Street, Battersea, Wandsworth
Philo Frederick Woolls H M 46 Fishmonger Assistant Marylebone
Philo Elizabeth Annie W M 40 Redruth, Cornwall
Philo Violet Emily D 10 Redruth, Cornwall
Philo Lucy Annie D 9 Battersea
Philo Thomas Arthur S 4 Battersea
Philo Harold Woolls S 3 Battersea
Philo Norman Walter S 10 m Battersea

RG14/2245/76/26/3/25/98 16 Gorst Road, Battersea, Wandsworth, Surrey
Hayward George Joy H M 37 Pickle Manufacturers Lambeth, London
Hayward Blanche Louise W M 34 Battersea, London
plus 2 children and
Philo Maud Ellen Servant S 21 General Servant Domestic Kings Cross, London

Maud Philo age 19 sailed from Liverpool to Portland USA on 29 November 1913 on White Star Line TEUTONIC, she arrived at Halifax Nova Scotia on 5 December 1913.

Maud Philo a housewife age 25 arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in December 1913 on SS TEUTONIC, she was travelling on to Montreal.

Charles Smith of Delhi, Norfolk, Ontario and Maud Philo of Uxbridge, England contracted to be married at Delhi, Ontario on 13 December 1913 and were married at Mrs Careys House, Delhi, Norfolk, Ontario on 20 December 1913. (I have a copy of the certificate)
Charles Smith was born in Wandsworth, England his father was William Lewis Smith and his mother Norah Johnson
Mabel Philo was born in Kings Cross her father was Frederick Philo and her mother Minnie 
PHILO, Maud Ellen (I466)

2081 Philo Ellen May born 1872/3 Faversham 2a 752 1 d John #63 & Jane LIPPINGWELL #64 31 Aug
Ellen May Philo the daughter of John Philo a Warehouse Porter of Wildmarsh, Luddenham, Teynham, Kent and Jane Philo formerly Lippingwell was born on 31 August 1872 at Wildmarsh, Luddenham. (I have a copy of the certificate) She was baptised on 15 september 1872 at Luddenham,Kent. (I have a copy of the register entry)
2081 Philo Ellen May death 1872/4 0 Faversham 2a 409 d. John #63 & Jane LIPPINGWELL #64
Ellen May Philo of Luddenham age 3 months was buried at St. Mary, Luddenham on 6 October 1872 (I have a copy of the record) 
PHILO, Ellen May (I6025)

2154 Philo Arthur James Rossall born 1908/1 Milton 2a 1053 s Sidney James #2152 & Florence Gardner ROSSALL #2153
Arthur James Rossall Philo christened 26 January 1908 Milton-next-Sittingbourne,KEN. Father Sydney James Philo mother Florence Gardner Philo

2154 Philo Arthur James R marriage 1941/3 Leeds 9b 1183 Enid ACASTER #2155
Philo Susan M born 1946/4 Leeds 2c 215 d Arthur J R #2154 & Enid ACASTER #2155

Arthur James Rossall Philo joined the Royal Artillery 1675073 in 1940

England and Wales Electoral Registers 1832-1932
1930 Arthur James Rossall Philo lived at 36 Holborn Street, Leeds
1931 Arthur James Rossall Philo lived at 16 Belle Vue Grove,Leeds

In the 1939 Register
RG101/3445E/018/3 10 Garton Road, Leeds
Philo Arthur J R M 14 Dec 1907 S Debt Recovery Clerk
Philo Florence G F 24 Jan 1883 W Unpaid Domestic
Davey Miles M 24 Nov 1872 M Carding Overlooker
Davey Elizabeth F 23 Aug 1878 M Unpaid Domestic

2155? Philo Enid death 1969/3 (born 20/03/1911) Leeds 2c 916 w Arthur James R #2154
Administration for the Estate of Enid Philo of 15 Eastmoor Crecent, Leeds who died on 10 September 1969 at St James Hospital, Leeds was granted to Arthur James Rossall Philo of 15 East Moor Crecent, Roundhay, Leeds a debt clerk the lawful husband and only person entitled to the estate on 13 November 1969 the value was £1973

2154 Philo Arthur James R death March 1985 (born 14 December 1907) Leeds 5 903 385 h Enid ACASTER #2156
Administration for the Estate of Arthur James Rossall Philo of 15 East Moor Crecent, Roundhay, Leeds who died on 12 March 1985 was granted to Miss Susan Margaret Philo of 15 East Moor Crecent, Roundhay, Leeds on 15 April 1985 the value was <£40000 
PHILO, Arthur James Rossall (I5868)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1402)

585 Philo Lily Isabel born 1902/4 Islington 1b 376 d.James L #582 & Florence HADDEN #583 3 Oct
Lily Isabel Philo the daughter of James Luther & Florence Philo an Engraver of 23 Bamsell Road, Drayton Park was born on 3 October 1902 and baptised on 26 October 1902 at St Paul, Clerkenwell. (I have a copy of the register entry)

In the 1911 census
7032/346B/129/1/52/388 19 St Johns Avenue, Harlesden, Willesden
Philo James Luther H M 33 Music Engraver Marylebone, London
Philo Florence W M 33 Hoxton, London
Philo Lottie Florence D 9 Kensal Rise, Middx
Philo Lilly Isabel D 8 Highbury, Islington, London
Philo Robert James Hadden S 5 Highbury, Islington, London
Philo Walter John S 2 Highbury, Islington, London

585 Philo Lily Isabel marriage 1932/2 Willesden 3a 541 Stanley E BERKS #590

In the 1939 Register
RG101/0279G/005/21 12 Willow Bridge Road, Islington
Berks Stanley E M 22 Apr 1905 M Plumber
Berks Lily I F 3 Oct 1902 M Tucking Machinist

Lily Isabel Berks born 3 October 1902 died May 1985 Poole,Dorset 23 841 585
BERKS, Stanley Ernest died 1971/1 born 22 April 1905 Poole,Dorset 7C 159 
PHILO, Lily Isabel (I455)
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991 Philo Female born 1957/2 Norwich 4b 963 d Brian T #163 & Beryl B WILDE #990
991 Philo Female death 1957/2 Norwich 4b 540 d Brian T #163 & Beryl B WILDE #991 
PHILO, Unnamed (I6554)
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????FARLEY, William H born 1912/1 mother Bartlett Chipping Sodbury,Gloucestershire 6A 445????
Farley William Henry died January 1996 (born 20 december 1911) 7971 19C 106 196 
FARLEY, William Henry (I2552)
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A Mary Bishop dau James & Elizabeth Bishop was christened 15/4/1770 at St Andrews, Holborn
A Mary Bishop dau George & Mary Bishop was christened 3/3/1771 at St Andrews, Holborn

Mary Philo age 52 wife of Charles was buried on 7 November 1823 at St Nicholas, East Dereham. (I have a copy of the register entry). 
BISHOP, Mary (I781)

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